Song Writing Concepts

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Song Writing Concepts

I use these song writing concepts when I'm writing poems or songs. These concepts are easily adaptable to many forms of creative writing. If I lose my focus while brainstorming ideas, I just re-focus on the concepts and return to creating.

  1. Chorus element must create longing desire
  2. What is the desire?
    How does it impact you?
    How does it impact the listener?
    What does it mean to the listener?
    What is the catchy HOOK element?

  3. Each part must be treated as a movement
  4. How many bars/measures?
    What is the tempo?
    Are VERSE elements smooth, or do they feel clunky or crammed in?
    Where are you taking the listener?
    How does this tie-in to the Chorus?

  5. Each movement must have definition and make sense
  6. What is the Defined MELODY element?
    Is the VERSE rhyme catchy and not forced?
    Where does the score leave the listener wanting more?
    Is this movement consistently relevant, complimenting, or in opposition to other movements?
    What can I slow down -or- remove altogether?

  7. Movement transitions must dynamically tie-in to the following movement
  8. How many bars/beats
    What are the tie-in points?
    How does this enhance listener experience?
    What are the dynamic elements?

  9. The BRIDGE element must create desire to re-live the chorus
  10. Where does the BRIDGE take the listener?
    How does this journey effect the listener?
    Is there a second 'mini-BRIDGE'?
    Where is the drawing-in effect?
    Where does the 'POP' live within the BRIDGE element?
    How does this enhance or 'build up' the CHORUS?
    What does the BRIDGE mean to you?

  11. Every note must have a purpose
  12. Have I considered each and every note in the final result?

I hope this list of songwriting concepts helps you craft a better song. Download Song Writing Concepts pdf

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