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Video Surgeon is the Ultimate video software tool to get online guitar lessons. Video Surgeon has virtually eliminated the technology barrier by allowing you to download videos from millions of webSites.

Check out Video Surgeon for yourself. Download the FREE Demo Version right here. You have nothing to lose by downloading your free demo, and you may just discover your new Ultimate Video Learning tool! Just click the link, complete the brief form, and you’ll receive an email link to your FREE demo of Video Surgeon!

Use Videos For DIY Online Guitar Lessons

As a DIY guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, or drummer, you can find hundreds or more likely thousands of video lessons on YouTube and other websites as well. Many of these lesson videos are very good and you might just want to save on your computer to repeat the lessons. This is what Video Surgeon does so well, by allowing you to simply save the clips right to your computer.

In addition to all the guitar lessons you could download and save to your computer, you can save virtually any DIY or How-To video lessons right to your computer. Video Surgeon also provides you the ability to rip video from non-encrypted DVDs and use digital video footage from your video camera.

Grab Your Free Demo Version Now

Now that the Video Guitar lessons are on your computer, Video Surgeon allows you to slow the video by 50% (or speed it up). With Video Surgeon, you can zoom in, set loop points to loop the video continuously until you stop it. You are able to save any video lesson as a Video Surgeon Project, so when you open a video again, it will open with all the previously saved settings, (i.e. loop points, altered speed, etc.).

But that’s just the beginning. Once you have the video loaded into Video Surgeon that’s when you can really begin to put this valuable tool to use. Video Surgeon allows you to rip video from non-encrypted DVDs and utilize digital video footage from your home video camera.

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