Learn and Master Guitar

Learn and Master Guitar

Legacy Learning Systems has outdone themselves this time! They created a great guitar learning system that is full of proper learning tools like step-by-step beginner instructions to get the new guitarist going in the right direction. The Learn and Master Guitar system includes chord structures, and explains about chord voicing so you can create the exact feel you are searching for. As you work through these lessons, you'll be well on your way to the advanced stages, and on to finger-picking and soloing in less time than if you were doing it all alone.

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Learn & Master Guitar is an award winning Guitar learning system! This course is the winner of the 2008 Acoustic Guitar Magazine Players' Choice Awards, AEGIS Award for Excellence in Education, and two Telly Awards. Learn and Master Guitar is highly praised as the best home guitar instruction course available on the planet.

The course contains:

  • 20 professional DVDs
  • 5 Jam-Along (Jam Track) CDs
  • Lesson book of over 100 pages
  • Online student support at our free support site.

This is the only guitar learning package you'll ever need as you continue to master all the nuances of your guitar style. All the ingredients are there, just add a little practice!

This reviewer started learning and mastering the guitar in late 1969 at the age of 13. I loved trying to play songs on the guitar, and was real glad I had a friend to "jam" with back then. I didn't realise though, that I wasn't progressing as quickly as I could ...IF... I was really learning the guitar and progressing toward mastery of the guitar. It took me nine years to figure out that I didn't clearly understand the neck, and the structure of modern music. That's when I found a book called, "Teach Yourself Freeform Improvisation" by David Lawrence. What I discovered was some simple truth to what I was struggling to master in my playing. I improved leaps and bounds when I applied the guitar playing techniques I learned in that book! Thanks, David for helping me along my way to Learn & Master Guitar!

OK, Fast-forward to today! I have researched several of the guitar lessons offered on the internet in the past few years. Several have risen to the top in my opinion, with thie Learn and Master Guitar rising to the top by a fairly large margin. Don't let the price fool you, because you could take 9 years to get just a little way down the path to guitar mastery like me, or you could pay $50 per week for a year, or you could just pay $249 and have the Learn & Master Guitar course available to you for the rest of your life.

You could even invite a friend or two to learn the guitar with you right in your own living room or, if you're lucky like me, in your home studio! Leverage the cost of this complete step-by-step video instruction course by sharing it with your other musician friends! Learn & Master guitar together.

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You know, truly mastering the guitar can feel like an overwhelming task because there are so many obstacles to overcome as you learn and practice. What you've discovered is a high-quality, step-by-step video guitar lesson course that teaches you from beginner (or intermediate) all the way through advanced guitar techniques. I'm sure you know that a short "Learn Guitar Today" video isn't going to take you all the way to guitar mastery, and some overly technical guitar lesson videos are usually too specialized and can assume you are at a different level in your playing. Learn & Master Guitar has solved that problem because it is a complete step-by-step video guitar lesson course that guides you from any skill level, even if you're a complete beginner, all the way through advanced skills training used by the pros. Not a beginner? No problem! Just skip (or review) the basics and jump into the more advanced training.

I was frustrated and confused when I used my "Teach Yourself Freeform Improvisation" printed materials alone. What you can have (that I didn't have) is the detailed video instruction to guide you much faster on your path to learn & master your guitar!

Learning to master the guitar doesn't have to be done all alone! You have the help you need right now with the 20 DVD's, Jam along CDs and printed materials to move you along in your desire to learn and master the guitar.

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