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Grammatico Kingsville Amp Review

DIY Guitar Tone recently met with John Grammatico from Grammatico Amps and Luke Cutchins in Austin, Texas to do a candid review and interview featuring Grammatico Amps - The Kingsville.

The Kingsville is an awesome 45 watt hand-wired tube amp inspired by the classic '59 Fender tweed Bassman. Through much study and exploration John Grammatico has preserved the essence of the original Bassman, while making a flexible and extremely musical amp with the ability to cover a broad range of styles and bring out the true colors of any guitar you plug into it.

When you play through your new Grammatico Amps - The Kingsville, you'll be able to tap into all the warm, woody tones and completely express yourself through enhanced sparkling, shimmering tones! You, the player, will be able to capture the very essence of your expression coming from your guitar. The Kingsville is very touch sensitive and responsive to your playing. Check out the videos now!

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Recorded with Zoom Q3 Video Recorder

Grammatico Amps The Kingsville Review Part 1

Grammatico Amps The Kingsville Review Part 2