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SX Jazz Bass

SX Jazz Bass Project - BEFORE Pic

I love SX Jazz Bass Guitars! I regularly search for B-Stock guitar and bass items. This time, I found an SX Jazz bass with a peeling pickguard. It sat around for a while in the Rondo site, so I didn't really hurry to buy the B-Stock SX jazz bass.

B-Stock Bass Guitars

I also noticed an SX Jazz style bass neck that was finished, but needed the nut slot cut. I thought, "That's a great project for bass guitar." So, I made a list of the parts I would need to make a really cool natural jazz bass with black pickguard and black block inlays. That has always been a favorite look (to me) for the jazz bass.

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To summarize, I needed the B-stock jazz bass, one pickguard with 2 single-coil pickup slots, the neck, and 2 US Genuine Fender® pickups. (Duh.) Ya gotta upgrade the pickups.

Around the time I was preparing for all that I noticed (on Austin.Craigslist) a beautiful, one-piece, solid mahogany P-Bass body. (Ding! Salivate...) That story is in another blog post!

So, I got all the parts in, stripped the SX Jazz Bass, and fitted the pickguard by filling the screw holes and drilling new ones to match the pickguard. With the pickguard set, I mounted the pickups by drilling pickup mount holes in the proper locations, and securing them with a foam mount instead of springs. Under the foam is a grounded brass plate to reduce noise a bit. Read More to see the finished bass guitar!

SX Bass Guitar Project

I had to cut the slot to fit the nut, and file that nice and flat (see: SX Jazz Bass Nut Install). The slot was a tight enough fit that I didn't even need a dab of glue to secure it. Yay. I mated the body to the neck and marked the neck mount screw holes. Then I drilled them to the correct diameter and depth. The neck fit like a glove and screwed down nice and secure.

The electronics were then wired up for the 2 single coil jazz bass configuration and everything tightened. I tested the new DIY Jazz bass project and tweaked the intonation a small amount to account for the new neck.

What a great DIY Bass Project the Rondo Music SX Jazz Bass turned out to be! The link below takes you to the Rondo page of their similar product. My project has the upgraded Fender® USA pickups.

Visit Rondo Music Now.

SX Jazz Bass Project - AFTER Pic

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