DIY PDF Branding

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DIY Guitar Lesson PDF Branding

Here's how it works:

  • Create a pdf containing a guitar lesson.
  • Embed a link to upsell an Online Guitar Lesson series.
  • Allow affiliates to re-Brand your original PDF with their affiliate link.

The power of PDF delivered articles

The beauty of PDF articles is in their simple format, and you can embed a link in them. The link is the value in this instance, because no matter where the PDF ends up, it will always have your link embedded. As long as the link is valid, the possibility of making an affiliate sale exists.

Allowing othesr to re-Brand the same information is powerful because the person using your article will have a unique traffic source from yours. Allowing them to drive their traffic to your sale simply increases the volume of traffic. By the time you have 100 alternative traffic sources, your sales will likely have increased by 100 as well. Those are very simple numbers, but you get the idea.

Write a DIY Guitar Lesson article now and use the PDF Brander to multiply your sales!