D'Addario Chromes Flatwound Bass Strings

D'Addario Chromes Flatwound Bass Strings

I recently put a set of these strings on my Epiphone EB-0 bass, along with the DiMarzio DP-120 'Model One' pickup, in search of that real EB-0 tone heard on so many older records from the 60's & early 70's.

When I first got that bass, it had some old flatwounds on it that sounded like hammered crap, and I was dead-set against ever using flatwounds. But the guys on the Yahoo Group 'SX-Bass Club' talked me into trying a set. So I queried them on the relative tonal qualities of several flatwound string sets (that don't cost like $40!!!), and arrived at the conclusion that the D'Addario "Chromes" would suit me best.

They're brighter than, say, Rotosound TruBass 77's...by quite a bit....because they're stainless steel, not monel or nickel like some flats. But they're still nowhere near as bright as a roundwound string. Still, they have a bit of 'ring' to them, and excellent sustain for a flatwound. And they totally eliminate finger noise, and greatly reduce fret noise as well. Both those things seem to be more of a problem on shortscale basses than on longscale... for whatever reason.

My previous experiences with flatwound bass strings have been very disappointing, in that they always seemed lifeless, dull, and sustain-less.

The "Chromes" have a nice 'bounce' to them, and a harmonic content much different from any flats I've tried before. It's like; take a typical roundwound set, knock off about half or so of the upper harmonics response, and then extend the fundamental tone response by about half again. Big, round, full bottom. Just enough 'up top' to define the note attacks well enough to help not getting completely lost in the mix.

I always found other flatwounds to be very muddy and indistinct, and sound like...well...mud. I get a nice distinct attack and excellent sustain from these strings. And they're oh, so easy on the fingers!

I may have just been converted to flatwounds...at least on some of my basses.