Loopmasters - Get 500MB Free Samples

Loopmasters - Get 500MB Free Samples

Loopmasters Royalty Free Samples

How to Get 500MB Free Samples

Three steps to free samples:
1. Click on the image below
2. scroll down just a bit
3. Click the Register button
That's it!

500MB Free Samples

Free Loop Samples from Loopmasters

Who doesn't like free loops? Grab them right here:
Royalty Free Samples
Drum and Bass Samples
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Loopmasters House samples

Specialty Loop Packages

Ableton Live Packs, Reason Refills, and even Artist Series
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How To Tube Amp Safety

How To - Tube Amp Safety

How to safely work on your tube amp. There is a lot of information on the internet. This is exactly what I do every time I work on any amp, even solid state amps. I want to enjoy the amp after I work on it, not go to the hospital, or worse...

This is the most important information you will ever learn about working on your tube amp! Please take this seriously and all will be well. Summary of the steps as outlined in the video below...

  1. REMOVE the POWER plug from the WALL!
  2. Check the fuse - ALWAYS use a fuse with the correct rating!
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Song Writing Concepts

Song Writing Concepts

I use these song writing concepts when I'm writing poems or songs. These concepts are easily adaptable to many forms of creative writing. If I lose my focus while brainstorming ideas, I just re-focus on the concepts and return to creating.

  1. Chorus element must create longing desire
  2. What is the desire?
    How does it impact you?
    How does it impact the listener?
    What does it mean to the listener?
    What is the catchy HOOK element?

  3. Each part must be treated as a movement

Free VST Effects - Instruments

Free VST Effects - Instruments

Pro AudioUnit and VST plugins

Over the years, I have come across many free VST effects and free VSTi Instruments!
Here I will add links to the free VST effects and VSTi Instruments I find useful.

I will most likely write up some articles and review some of the synth, drum, strings, arpeggiator, compressor, limiter, reverb, equalizer, stereo, and other instruments and effects, as I go along this path, too.

Please enjoy, but always remember to use safe vst! Whatever happens is your responsibility. I've used these on my system with only positive results. I hope your experience is the same...


Rondo Sale SX Agile Guitars

Rondo Music HUGE SALE!!

Huge Rondo Music Sale pic

Rondo Music is having an incredible sale! Very many items are marked down so NOW is the time to get a great deal on these highly praised instruments. Guitars and bass guitars are on sale now. I don't know how long this will last, so hurry!

Free Blues Guitar Lesson

Free Blues Guitar Lesson

Here is another Free guitar lesson on Blues Guitar from Learn and Master. I've used their course Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar, to improve my playing, and I've been playing for over 40 years. Enjoy the free blues guitar lesson.

Learn and Master Guitar

Learn and Master Guitar

Legacy Learning Systems has outdone themselves this time! They created a great guitar learning system that is full of proper learning tools like step-by-step beginner instructions to get the new guitarist going in the right direction. The Learn and Master Guitar system includes chord structures, and explains about chord voicing so you can create the exact feel you are searching for. As you work through these lessons, you'll be well on your way to the advanced stages, and on to finger-picking and soloing in less time than if you were doing it all alone.

Learn and Master Guitar - Order Now
Buy Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar

Learn & Master Guitar is an award winning Guitar learning system! This course is the winner of the 2008 Acoustic Guitar Magazine Players' Choice Awards, AEGIS Award for Excellence in Education, and two Telly Awards. Learn and Master Guitar is highly praised as the best home guitar instruction course available on the planet.

The course contains:

Singing Lessons

Singing Lessons

For a great tip on singing balance between head and chest, watch the video below:

  • Unique method
  • Platinum selling celebrities
  • Grammy winning artists
  • Make your vocal dreams come true
  • Add over a full octave of usable range to your voice
  • Effective program
  • Easy to use!

Get Singing Lessons Here

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Superior Singing Method

Superior Singing Method

If you've done your research you know there are many digital singing methodproducts on the internet for people to choose from and many are very low quality.

Superior Singing Method is not anything like those products. We have taken from over 25+ years of singing experience and put it all in this course. The development of Superior Singing Method took well over a year to complete so you know it is a very thorough and high quality product.

There are literally hours of high quality videos inside the members area designed to take any singer to the next level. You can rest assured that you are a purchasing an extremely high quality product that over-delivers.
Try Superior Singing Method now!

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HowTo Replace-Adjust Wah Pot

How To Replace and Adjust Wah Pot

Learn how to replace and adjust the 100K pot in any standard type wah pedal - watch this video now!

(Fulltone, Crybaby, Morley, etc.)

Note: this video does not illustrate the de-solder - re-solder steps.

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DIY PDF Branding

DIY Guitar Lesson PDF Branding

Here's how it works:

  • Create a pdf containing a guitar lesson.
  • Embed a link to upsell an Online Guitar Lesson series.
  • Allow affiliates to re-Brand your original PDF with their affiliate link.

The power of PDF delivered articles

Online Guitar Lessons

Capture Online Guitar Lessons

Video Surgeon | Guitar Lessons Tool

Video Surgeon

Video Surgeon is the Ultimate video software tool to get online guitar lessons. Video Surgeon has virtually eliminated the technology barrier by allowing you to download videos from millions of webSites.

Check out Video Surgeon for yourself. Download the FREE Demo Version right here. You have nothing to lose by downloading your free demo, and you may just discover your new Ultimate Video Learning tool! Just click the link, complete the brief form, and you’ll receive an email link to your FREE demo of Video Surgeon!

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Har-Bal Mastering Software Review

Har-Bal Mastering Software Review


HarBal Mastering Software Review

HarBal, har-bal, or however you want to type it, is a very useful audio mastering application in my home recording studio tool box! From tweaking individual tracks like guitar or bass, to adjusting the frequency balance of whole songs, HAR-BAL is definitely a go-to application!


Har-Bal - On to the practical application:

This project started with an old gig tape cassette... I am posting the wav files, to provide the 'best' samples possible, so you can hear the differences, if I've done my work correctly. I think the results are pretty good considering the original source media.


Actual Steps including Har-Bal

  1. Harbal | Original File
  2. In this example, I'm taking a raw track digitized from an OLD cassette tape. The tape was recorded live at a gig in late 1981. That old tape sat around for about 23 years (freezing temperatures to 100+ in the shade, 3 states) before it was transferred to the digital realm. After all that, well I guess that brings us here...

    Here is the original track: 04_Frustrations_orig.wav

    Harbal screenshot of Original File:

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Tascam MM-1 Keyboard Mixer Manual

Tascam MM-1 Keyboard Mixer Manual

I have noticed quite a few posts where folks are looking for the Tascam MM-1 Keyboard Mixer Manual.

This is a really cool 20 channel mixer with some MIDI capability. It can be rack mounted which is nice for storage and transport. The basic audio functions are pretty straight forward, however, most of the questions I see are related to the application of the MIDI functionality.

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SX GG1 Jr Guitar Review

SX GG1 Jr Guitar Review

NEW NOTE (12/21/2013): I don't see any products like the SX GG1 or SX Castillo currently on the Rondo Music website. Check craigslist or ebay for these. It is NO WONDER they have sold out!

NOTE: Rondo was offering the SX Callisto a while back (2011 I think) - Very similar to the GG1!
The SX GG1 JR is inexpensive and quite surprisingly a really well made guitar! Rondo Music imports them and sells them for $139.95, and the bang for the buck is way better than you will get from an import Epiphone, Dean, Squier, etc in the same price range.

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